Oct 22, 2010

Back Yard Camp Evening - Cancelled- Friday 10/22/10

I am Canceling the back yard camping evening :(  Searching weather.com, they claim it to be cloudy this evening around 7 when we need to see the moon.  Half of our meeting is using a telescope and learning moon phases.  We will reschedule the back yard evening for another date.  I will keep you posted on the new date as we figure it out.  Bummer I have seen no sun all day, on the one day I need it to be cloud free in Vegas!  Smiles, Joani

Oct 20, 2010

NEW Fall 2010 Event Calender :)

click image below to view and print larger

The Daisy Girl Scouts will be getting a halloween picture in a frame to take home this friday when they come to the camp out, but I could not wait to post all thier cuteness!  Thank you for all the parent help last night, it was a wonderful Halloween party!  See you all this Friday at 6:30pm! 

Oct 13, 2010

Due to conflicting time schedules and parent suggestions I am recreating the calendar for girl scouts the rest of the year. With Cheerleading, Science, Tutoring, homework etc. all being directly after school I need to change the meeting times. I feel this will work well for the girls to be able to get activities, homework and dinner in before the fun activities we have in the evening! Per suggestions the best time would be to keep the meetings on Tuesdays and have them from 5:30 to 6:30pm or 6 to 7pm. We currently lose nearly 30 minutes every meeting waiting on kids to arrive from school at 3:30, so we are not loosing actual meeting time setting it for 1 hour long. I will wait for all feedback before creating the new calendar. This will also cut out snack time as well seeing as the kids will not have the after school munchies. Please let me know if this will work for you!! Thank you!
As for next week just a slight change in plans. The Halloween Party will be Tuesday October 19th as planned but from 5-7pm. I hope this gives some time for homework and costume dress up. We will have a light dinner, cupcake walk, Halloween games, and so much more! A donation to the girl scout fund would be greatly appreciated to cover the fun events, food, and prizes for the upcoming holiday season. It is not required! We will be having a Thanksgiving party and Christmas party for the girls as well this year. They will be receiving new badges as they celebrate the wonderful holidays this season. I have so many fun things planned during the wonderful holiday events for the girls!

We will keep the Camp out separate and at the same time and place Friday, October 22nd from 6:30-8:30pm! I feel we need to keep the events separate..when I began to consider combining the events, there is just no way to have it all in one night. It is a special treat to have the camp out, tents, astronomy lesson, telescope, story time, etc. I look forward to the fun evening with the girls! Remember to where casual clothing in layers and bring a sleeping bag or blanket for the evening outside.


I look forward to January when our cookie sales start. The girls will attend a cookie carnival for pre-sales information on the cookies in January. All the cookie sale proceeds will benefit our troop and be directly used for all their fun events! I apologize I may be asking for more parent help during this holiday season due to no funding in our girl scout troop fund yet. Thanks for All your Support!

Any thoughts on any matters listed are greatly appreciated!! Smiles, Joani



Oct 4, 2010

October Daisy Girl Scout Events !!!

Oct. 5th - meeting from 3:30 to 5. We will be working on a service project making Thank You notes for the Shark Reef Staff and the Mountains Edge Fire Station. The girls will also be helping plan our upcoming Halloween Party and Camp Out Adventure.

Tuesday Oct. 19th is the Daisy Halloween Party!!
Plan on a longer meeting this day full of Halloween Fun and Games!! Send your child in a Halloween Costume for the Party! We will plan on meeting from 5-7pm this day!

Lets take a look at the moon during our camp out training meeting...

Friday Oct. 22nd is our Camp Out Training and Fun! A few changes are being made due to parent feedback on the event. It will no longer be an over night event...we will try this at a later date when the kids are better associated with everyone and a bit older to not have fearful kids scared at night. I am pretty sure my daughter will be begging for shelter indoors after the bed time story in the tent also :) We will meet at my house from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Please send your child in comfortable clothing and shoes, also bring thier sleeping bags for story time in the tents in the back yard. We will be spending the entire evening with Camping activities, including a campfire, smore's, counting stars, and looking at the moon in a telescope. We will end the evening with bed time stories and hand shadow shows in their tents :) Please be here to pick up your child at 9pm for a good night sleep in their own comfy beds. I feel this is a great start to prepare them for camping in the future!