Dec 30, 2010

I am posting the links to important forms regaurding Cookie Sales 2011.  Please open each link and Print off the information.  Thanks! Joani

Parent Information...

* I need the below form filled out and returned to me by Monday January 3rd in order for me to pick up the Pre-order Cookie Sale Cards from the Council.

Below is a Donation Page you can Print and cut apart to give to people if they choose to Donate to our Troop Fund.  Any Donations can be cash or check.  All Checks must be made out to Girl Scout Troop #738.

The “Buy 6” Program

• Customers who purchase 6 boxes of cookies can enter a drawing to win a year’s worth of free Girl Scout Cookies! Entry forms can be downloaded from the council’s web site. This is a great way to get customers to purchase a box or two more.

• Customers simply need to fill out the “Buy 6” entry form and write the number of boxes purchased. They will be entered once for every six (6) boxes purchased, including donations to Troop to Troop.

• Girls must turn in all “Buy 6” entry forms to the troop leader by February 28th.

• Six winners will be drawn on March 11th. Winners will receive 52 assorted boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

• The troops that submit the winning entries will receive a $50 bonus.

Below is the link to the sheet you can print and cut apart for your cookie customers who buy more than 6 boxes...

Dec 17, 2010

The cookie carnival is January 22nd from 10am to 2pm at the

Girl Scout Council. Cookie Carnival Patches are $2.00 a patch or 2 empty ink cartridges or 1 old cell phone per child for each patch.

Dec 7, 2010

Tonight the Daisy's voted on the Plans for our Holiday Party December 17th from 6-7:30pm

Please bring them dressed in pajamas and bring a hair accessory wrapped for the gift exchange ($5.00 or under).

click on the below image to see their decisions :)

Cookie Sales Information...Please Click on the Sheet below and print..
Read all and add Important Dates to your Calenders!
Thanks! Joani

The cookie carnival is January 22nd from 10am to 2pm at the
Girl Scout Council.  Cookie Carnival Patches are $2.00 a patch or 2 empty ink cartridges or 1 old cell phone per child for each patch.

Nov 10, 2010

Donate Food to Families in Need for Thanksgiving!

The Las Vegas Rotary Club has been a significant contributor to Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada through the years. They have financially supported numerous projects at Camp Foxtail, purchased the flagpoles and flags in front of the service center, and provided the equipment we use to produce the information disks for troops. Now it's our turn to support them. Each year the club conducts a friendly competition with the Kiwanis Club to see which organization can bring in the most non-perishable items and donate them to families in need. We are inviting troops to help with this effort.

If you would like to participate, please bring in your non-perishable food items to our Thanksgiving meeting November 23rd. You will receive one Give Thanks Patch per girl for donating at least 2 items.
We will meet form 5:30 to 6:45pm Tuesday November 23rd.

I will turn in our donations to the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada Council Shop the following day November 24th to donate our food & recieve the girls patches!

Nov 8, 2010

Sorry! Nothing like late notice..but we are making posters tomorrow for the veterans day parade at our meeting. If you have an active military family member or a veteran your child wishes to honor feel free to send them with a “copy” of a picture or two for them to add to their poster. The posters are 14x22 and each girl will be making one to carry in the parade, so anything that will fit on that size is great! The pictures will not be returned, copies only! I will also be handing out their Girl Scout Member pins tomorrow to each girl. Please send them with their tunic so we can add the pins to them :)

If you received a notice in the mail regarding registration for 2011..unfortunately we have to register again. I was told by the Spring Valley Unit that they would register us late in 2010 to carry us into all of 2011. Today after meeting with Marabel at the Council office I found out differently. Some of you that joined later in the year are fine. But the majority of us need to re-register for 2011. I will get the paperwork all together here and have it ready for each parent to sign tomorrow. The council is requiring the $12 registration fee again when I send the forms in. Another huge miscommunication from the council to me and I apologize for the inconvenience to us! I will try to help and keep it simple and have most the work done when you come to the meeting tomorrow. Please bring a Check made out to Girl Scouts of America for $12.00.

Also Keep in mind during our Thanksgiving Party meeting November 23rd the girls will be having a light Thanksgiving Feast and they need to bring at least 2 canned or boxed items for the food drive the girls will be having to help support the hungry during the thanksgiving holiday. The girls will be working toward a Food Drive Patch in the following months and possibly will visit a soup kitchen the first of next year. It is still all in the works :)

All Thanksgiving food items the girls will eat at the party will be fruit, cheeses, and turkey…No cookies or possible nut items will be served. Please let me know if your child has any food allergies!

Thank you for all you support!! Joani Williams


Nov 3, 2010

Reminder we are planning the girl scout back yard event this Friday the 5th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm...please have dinner before..we will have fruit and S’mores..wear clothing in layers..bring a blanket or sleeping bag :) see u all Friday!

Also please remember the $3 dollars for the Veterans Day parade if your daughter will be attending.  I will need it by next Tuesday the November 9th meeting at the latest :) I am having a banner printed for us to carry and we have 2 large flags to carry.  I am also thinking dressing in red, white or blue under our girl scout uniforms will be cute :) 

Oct 22, 2010

Back Yard Camp Evening - Cancelled- Friday 10/22/10

I am Canceling the back yard camping evening :(  Searching, they claim it to be cloudy this evening around 7 when we need to see the moon.  Half of our meeting is using a telescope and learning moon phases.  We will reschedule the back yard evening for another date.  I will keep you posted on the new date as we figure it out.  Bummer I have seen no sun all day, on the one day I need it to be cloud free in Vegas!  Smiles, Joani

Oct 20, 2010

NEW Fall 2010 Event Calender :)

click image below to view and print larger

The Daisy Girl Scouts will be getting a halloween picture in a frame to take home this friday when they come to the camp out, but I could not wait to post all thier cuteness!  Thank you for all the parent help last night, it was a wonderful Halloween party!  See you all this Friday at 6:30pm! 

Oct 13, 2010

Due to conflicting time schedules and parent suggestions I am recreating the calendar for girl scouts the rest of the year. With Cheerleading, Science, Tutoring, homework etc. all being directly after school I need to change the meeting times. I feel this will work well for the girls to be able to get activities, homework and dinner in before the fun activities we have in the evening! Per suggestions the best time would be to keep the meetings on Tuesdays and have them from 5:30 to 6:30pm or 6 to 7pm. We currently lose nearly 30 minutes every meeting waiting on kids to arrive from school at 3:30, so we are not loosing actual meeting time setting it for 1 hour long. I will wait for all feedback before creating the new calendar. This will also cut out snack time as well seeing as the kids will not have the after school munchies. Please let me know if this will work for you!! Thank you!
As for next week just a slight change in plans. The Halloween Party will be Tuesday October 19th as planned but from 5-7pm. I hope this gives some time for homework and costume dress up. We will have a light dinner, cupcake walk, Halloween games, and so much more! A donation to the girl scout fund would be greatly appreciated to cover the fun events, food, and prizes for the upcoming holiday season. It is not required! We will be having a Thanksgiving party and Christmas party for the girls as well this year. They will be receiving new badges as they celebrate the wonderful holidays this season. I have so many fun things planned during the wonderful holiday events for the girls!

We will keep the Camp out separate and at the same time and place Friday, October 22nd from 6:30-8:30pm! I feel we need to keep the events separate..when I began to consider combining the events, there is just no way to have it all in one night. It is a special treat to have the camp out, tents, astronomy lesson, telescope, story time, etc. I look forward to the fun evening with the girls! Remember to where casual clothing in layers and bring a sleeping bag or blanket for the evening outside.


I look forward to January when our cookie sales start. The girls will attend a cookie carnival for pre-sales information on the cookies in January. All the cookie sale proceeds will benefit our troop and be directly used for all their fun events! I apologize I may be asking for more parent help during this holiday season due to no funding in our girl scout troop fund yet. Thanks for All your Support!

Any thoughts on any matters listed are greatly appreciated!! Smiles, Joani



Oct 4, 2010

October Daisy Girl Scout Events !!!

Oct. 5th - meeting from 3:30 to 5. We will be working on a service project making Thank You notes for the Shark Reef Staff and the Mountains Edge Fire Station. The girls will also be helping plan our upcoming Halloween Party and Camp Out Adventure.

Tuesday Oct. 19th is the Daisy Halloween Party!!
Plan on a longer meeting this day full of Halloween Fun and Games!! Send your child in a Halloween Costume for the Party! We will plan on meeting from 5-7pm this day!

Lets take a look at the moon during our camp out training meeting...

Friday Oct. 22nd is our Camp Out Training and Fun! A few changes are being made due to parent feedback on the event. It will no longer be an over night event...we will try this at a later date when the kids are better associated with everyone and a bit older to not have fearful kids scared at night. I am pretty sure my daughter will be begging for shelter indoors after the bed time story in the tent also :) We will meet at my house from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Please send your child in comfortable clothing and shoes, also bring thier sleeping bags for story time in the tents in the back yard. We will be spending the entire evening with Camping activities, including a campfire, smore's, counting stars, and looking at the moon in a telescope. We will end the evening with bed time stories and hand shadow shows in their tents :) Please be here to pick up your child at 9pm for a good night sleep in their own comfy beds. I feel this is a great start to prepare them for camping in the future!

Sep 18, 2010

Thank You to the Very Kind Fire Fighters in Mountains Edge


Sep 13, 2010

Aug 30, 2010

Fun New Plans!

We are meeting this Tuesday August 31st after school 3:30 - 5pm. The girls will be working on their Orange Petal - Responsible for What I Say and Do. We will be preparing for another fun outing!


The September 7th meeting will be Cancelled!

We will be meeting Saturday September 18th for a Tour to work on Earning Our Red Courageous and Strong Petal.



Our Daisy Troop Fire Station tour has been confirmed for Saturday, September 18th at Station 66. The Fire Station Located on Mountains Edge Pkwy. Between Durango and Buffalo. Please bring your children to meet in front of the Fire Station 10 minutes early, arriving at 10:50am. The time of this tour is at 11:00am – 11:30am. Station tours last approximately 30 minutes.

Please remember:

• If the crew is not at the station when you arrive for your scheduled tour, please wait. The crew may be on an emergency call. If you have waited for more than 20 minutes, the call they have responded to may be of a more serious nature and the tour may have to be rescheduled. If this happens I will call all Parents notifying them of a new pick up time from the tour.

• Adult chaperones must remain with the group throughout the tour. We have 3 Chaperones Planning on Attending.

• Please discuss with your daughter that Safety is our number one priority, children are not allowed to wander unattended or climb on apparatus without Fire Department personnel. As Leaders we will keep a close eye on your children during the tour.

We Will Enjoy Our Tour!

Tuesday Sept. 21st meeting from 3:30 – 5 will cover some Courageous and Strong Moments and Also Start the Work for Our Green Petal – Using Resources Wisely.

Aug 3, 2010

7/3/2010 Today's Lesson the Daisy's
will Receive the Rose colored Petal.

Make the World a Better Place.
Save Our Oceans!

Turtles Don't Eat Plastic :)
Keep the Beaches and Oceans Clean!

Jul 19, 2010

Also, Any Parent Wondering about the un-cashed checks you have paid for your girls scouts member fees, I must relay the information on the Girl Scout Troop Bank account is still in the works of getting opened. Honestly, It has been a very long and frustrating process getting the account opened through the Frontier Council and Bank of America. There are many guidelines that have to be followed. During this process I went ahead and bought all the supplies, uniforms, & badges to get us rolling. As soon as the bank account is opened I will be depositing your child’s member fee of $45 you paid for her into it. Thank you for being patient with me during this process! Joani
Hello all my wonderful Girl Scout’s! I have news on the Shark Reef Event. After talking with the Event Coordinator at the Frontier Council I was informed there are 12 openings left for the Event on August 7th. They are saving the 12 openings for us :) This gives the option for only the Girl Scout members to go. I was initially told by the council the siblings could attend events, unfortunately this is not one of those events. The girls will be in caring, alert, & safe hands with Troop Leaders Matte, Myself and also My 14 Year old (kids love her) Sister here visiting from Oklahoma. Matte and Me will be driving the girls to the event at Mandalay Bay. We have plenty of room to carry all the girls. Allison from the Frontier Council Events Planning also told me there was a typo on the advertisement for the event and each Girl Scout costs $5.00 admission for the 2 hour Event. They will have a 1 hour behind the scenes in a teaching room, where they go over many Amazing things for the girls to learn about the life of the creatures there. I am so excited for our Girl Scout Troop to have our first adventure together. Will you please send your girl scout with her $5.00 for the event tomorrow to the meeting on July 20th. We must have payment turned in to the Frontier Council on Wednesday July 21st to reserve our spots.

Day of the Event: Please bring your Girl Scout to my House, 10039 Sabbotia Court, Saturday morning August 7th at 8:45am to insure we get there in time for the event. Also all Girl Scouts need to wear their Blue Smock the day of the Event. They will be receiving their Rose colored “Make the World a Better Place Petal” for learning about our Oceans & Sea Creatures and how to take care of them in their future. I will have all the Girls Emergency Contact Phone numbers with me at all times. We will be home at 12 noon, please plan on picking up your daughter at noon at my house after the event. How Fun this will be for all The Girls! Also Please add my Cell Phone number 702-321-2361 to your information to reach me at any time during any event. Thank You! Joani

Meeting Tomorrow: Same Place, 4- 5:30

Jul 6, 2010

Meeting Today July 6th from 4-5:30. I will need the parents to see new calendar and sign up for Shark Reef Event. I will also be handing out badges after each meeting for parents to attach from now on, I just run out of time and am not getting it done at meetings! I will give all instructions for the badges. And for any girls that miss meetings, we will have a makeup day later this fall to catch up on any missed badges! Thank you for all your support! Joani

Jun 20, 2010

Thank you to the wonderful Girl scouts for such a great bike safety class!! This week Tuesday June 22nd we will be returning to our regular time 4-5:30. See you soon!

Jun 6, 2010

I need Parent feedback! Does anyone have conflicts with moving the bike safety class from Tuesday afternoon at our normal time 4-5:30pm to Saturday morning from 9-10:30am? I was thinking the girls could be practicing safety when it’s not SO hot yet and then possibly stay an extra hour to play in the water sprinklers in our back yard until 11:30. Please email me with thoughts or suggestions & if this works for you and your child or not? I can also switch lessons, stay indoors and keep the Tuesday time ;) Thank You! Joani

email me :)

or call me at 321-2361


Click on the image below
then print for a fun color page.

Tuesday June 8th from 4-5:30 we have a wonderful meeting planned to learn our girl scout promise and work on remembering it, and also starting our Safety Lessons. This week we will work on Bike Safety and once we have completed the safety lesson the girls will receive their Bike Safety Badge :) How FUN!! We will have helmets and bikes, scooters, etc. But please feel free to Bring your child’s if they wish. Thanks!

May 25, 2010

We such a Wonderful Meeting Today!! I wanted to Thank all the Wonderful new Girl Scouts for doing such a great Job on Team Work while we learned about the American Flag today! Great Job Girl Scouts!

May 19, 2010

Thank You to All the Wonderful New Girl Scouts in Our Troop. We are So Excited to Have All of You on Our Wonderful Adventure Together! You will be Happy to know all the girls will be sporting the new daisy tunics next meeting! We look forward to seeing all of you next Tuesday for our meeting about the American Flag and you will be earning the Flag Badge you see above for your tunic! Meeting is at the Same time and place, Tuesday May 25th! See you all soon!

May 11, 2010


First Meeting is Today!! 
We have fun Projects Planned!
Can't wait to see you All!

(todays meeting is from 4-5:30..per parent feedback we may change
future meetings from 3:40-5 and add a snack rotation with the parents)

Yearly Girl Scout Registration Fee Required of ($12) to Girls Scouts of America. This needs to be a separate payment or check made out to Girl Scouts of America.

Daisy Package Fee ($45) will cover all Your Girl Scouts basic costs until she becomes a Brownie (approx. 2 years). Please make payment to Girls Scouts Troop #738 on check.

Apr 28, 2010

We are so Excited and Looking forward to our First meeting to be held Tuesday May 11th 2010.

We will be meeting at Troop Leader Joani's Home, Located at

10039 Sabbotia Court from 4 to 5:30pm.

(click on above map for directions)
(or call 702-614-1076 for directions)

During our first meeting we will be getting to know each other and the routine of our meetings. We will go over any rules of the meetings, the quiet sign, the buddy system, and safety for our meetings. Girls will be working on Daisy Petal name tags. We will be learning & earning the Violet Daisy Petal - Be a sister to every Girl Scout! We will talk about girls scout troops and how they represent the world. Then we will be creating a Violet flower with each child’s hand print to represent Unity among all the girls.

*Please Bring Registration and Dues to First meeting so we can get all our Daisy Troop Membership turned in & Attire ordered.

(click on registration form above to print and fill out for Daisy Registration)
I will turn in all registration and dues together as I receive them.

We plan on keeping a schedule of meetings two times a month on Tuesdays from 4-5:30.

I will post each months meeting dates and plans for the month. We will next meet on May 25th, same time and place :)

Mar 11, 2010

Troop #738 Leaders are Joani Williams & Matte Blackham.
We are both moms of kindergarten girls that are extremely excited for thier first day of Girl Scouts! 

We have completed 3 Daisy Girl Scout Classes:

Jump Start to Leadership
Leadership Essentials
Seeds for Daisy Leaders

to prepare us for many great activities with the girls.

Call us for more information.
Joani - 702-321-2361
Matte - 702-277-2135

Time and Location of first meeting coming soon!

Join us in the beginning of our New Adventure!  Your Girls will recieve a Beginning Certificate on Our first Month of Meetings in May 2010 :)

Yearly Girl Scout Registration Fee Required of ($12) to Girls Scouts of America.  This needs to be a seperate payment or check made out to Girl Scouts of America.

Daisy Package Fee ($45) will cover all Your Girl Scouts basic costs until she becomes a Brownie (approx. 2 years).  Please make payment to Girls Scouts Troop #738 on check.

Included in Fee:

Girl Scout Pin
Girl Scout Council Identification Set
Girls Scout Membership Star
Daisy Petal Set
Yellow Daisy Girl Scout Tab
Daisy Girl Scout Tunic

The Troop Leaders will handle all monthly meeting activity preparation & costs.  We will be working with the girls to teach them about the Girl Scout Troop Budget and how to manage the Girl Scout Account for fundraisers and cookie sales in the coming months.  The Girls will always give their input as we vote on outings and other fun activities we plan together as we build our Troop Together as a Team.

Mar 8, 2010

Daisies Coming in May 2010!